Packing a Suitcase is a True Art Form


Our advice: Take as little as possible

We’ve learned a lot about packing since we left in 2016. Most items can be purchased anywhere so you don’t need to pack everything in your bathroom and your clothes can be washed along the way. We pack for multiple climates so we take only the essentials. Rotating clothes can be helpful as well. For example, if you just got through winter and one of your long sleeve shirts has a hole in it, throw it away to lighten your load and buy a new one next winter. This will keep your wardrobe fresh and give you a different look for your pictures.

Here’s what we pack but this can be adapted for you depending on your needs:

Clothes (Lance)

1 dress shirt
1 dress tie
1 pair of dress pants
2 pair of jeans or khaki pants
3 pair of shorts
1 bathing suit
6 t-shirts
3 long-sleeve t-shirts
1 pair of flip-flops
1 pair of sneakers
10 pairs of socks
1 pair of black dress socks
1 pair of dress shoes
7 pairs of boxer shorts
2 pairs of long underwear
1 coat
1 pair of gloves
1 winter hat

Clothes (Mimi)

1 dress
2 pair of jeans
2 skirts
3 bathing suits
3 short-sleeve shirts
3 long-sleeve shirts
3 scarves
1 pair of flip-flops
1 pair of sneakers
1 pair of high heels
1 pair of boots
7 pairs of underwear
5 bras
1 coat
1 pair of gloves
1 winter hat


2 toothbrushes
1 tube of toothpaste
1 package of dental floss
1 small bottle of shampoo and conditioner
2 deodorant tubes
1 hairbrush
1 make-up case with make-up
1 bottle of face cleanser
1 bottle of face moisturizer
1 contact lenses case
1 bottle of contact lenses solution
6 month supply of contact lenses
1 small bottle of perfume
1 small bottle of cologne
1 small box of feminine products
1 nail clipper
1 small pair of scissors
1 razor

Medical Kit

1 bottle of antibacterial spray
2 tubes of muscle pain cream (with and without Ibuprofen)
2 bottles of multi vitamins (1 for men, 1 for women)
1 bronchial inhaler (Mimi has Asthma. You can buy a steroid inhaler without a prescription at the local Pharmacy)
2 bottles of cat eye drops (Walter kitty has allergies)
1 tube of Bach Rescue Remedy cream (This cream helps on travel days)


1 SwissGear backpack
2 Laptops
2 Headphones
1 Sony Camera
1 iPhone
1 GoPro and accessories
2 Universal power adapters
1 Keyboard and keyboard case
1 Interface for plugging instruments into a computer
3 instrument cables
1 Guitar
1 Bass guitar

Cats (Walter & Olive)

2 Sleepypod Air carriers
1 water bowl
1 food bowl
5 cat toys
1 small bag of cat food**
2 small bags of cat litter**
1 new litter box**
1 new litter scooper**
**most local pet stores close between 6pm and 8pm so we only pack these items if our flight arrives after business hours.


Zip-top bags
Super Glue
Cotton reusable grocery bags
Lint rollers

Everyone has different needs but this list suits our needs.

About Temporary Residents

In 2016, we quit our jobs at Disney, put some things in storage, and hit the road with our 2 cats. We are a traveling couple that work online, finding new homes every 3 months to live in. Temporary Residents is a blog for those in need of the inspiration to see the world or to take the plunge, sell it all, and make exploration your life.

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